TELEVISION: Everyone wants to be on television. Recently, Ad Age called TV “the original social media.” It’s still the king of messaging and it’s more affordable than you think. Our TV production partner, Yankee Communications, is one of New Hampshire’s most recognized production houses. Broadcast TV still reaches millions of people every day. Cable TV offers tremendous opportunity for small businesses to show and tell their message in an efficient and targeted way. We work very hard to make sure your TV advertising stands out through both production and placement.

RADIO: South End Media was born in radio and we still love to work in it. When done right it, still may be the most effective medium for advertising – creating the theater of the mind that makes listeners act. We don’t believe in hype. Our creative strategy assumes the listener has a brain. Regardless of what business you’re in, we’ve probably done it before. If not, we don’t scare easily.

PRINT: Much maligned in today’s world: newspapers and magazines. Well, as was once famously said, “I’m not dead yet.” Newspapers, magazines, direct mail and flyers can still deliver.

MEDIA PLACEMENT: So many choices. Where do I advertise? How much should I spend? In today’s marketplace, there are far more places to advertise than a business owner can keep track of on top of all of their other responsibilities. Plus, there’s always more media outlets than there is budget. South End Media works very hard with the client and media to find the right mix and the right budget to get your message out.

WEB SITES & NEW MEDIA: The Internet is such a revolutionary and effective advertising and communications tool. However, many web sites don’t speak to the consumer. We’ll help you integrate it with your overall communications message. We’re learning with the rest of the world about social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and My Space to start) and every day get better at it. It’s a cliché and it’s true. The world is changing fast.

PARTNERSHIPS: We admit it. We don’t know it all. But we have forged partnerships with others in the creative field. If we can’t do it, we know the people who can. By creating a virtual agency, we feel we can help you market your message far more effectively within a budget you’ll like. This allows us to offer you a wide range of services in all media. If you don’t see it here, ask us. We can do it.