Since the beginning of 2001, South End Media has been telling our clients’ stories. We think businesses live and breathe; they’re as alive as their people and have a story to tell. Our job is to help tell that story and sell their product or service the best we can using every tool in the media world available to us today. And there’s a lot available to us.

That’s what makes it so much fun doing what we do. This is the age of the Next Big Idea and we always like trying something new. There’s a lot of new to try too. However, we still like many of the old school ways of communicating a clients’ message and we happen to think we’re really good at that.

We’re a small group that partner with many other media and content providers to give you big service. We like to call ourselves a “virtual agency.”

South End Media was founded by Kurt Muhlfelder near the end of 2000 after a successful 17-year radio career. Previous to starting South End Media, Kurt was Creative Services Director for Northeast Communications in Franklin, NH. He also hosted Mix 94.1FM’s mid-day and afternoon shows.

South End Media was a 2006 NH Magazine Excellence in Business nominee in Marketing and Media.

Let us help tell your business’s story. We can effectively communicate your message to stimulate customers to act. Ask about our successes.